Over 22 years of combined experience in food concession trailers sale and service

Our Product Line
  • Food Trucks and Trailers
  • Concessions Trucks and Trailers
  • Smokers
  • Karaoke and DJ
  • Sound and Recording Studio
  • Consulting

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide honest, reliable, custom manufactured, products and services that stand head and shoulders above any other food truck company.

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Bonker Bills, Trailers  Automotive Utility, Fort Wayne, IN


 Make your dream a reality. 

Bonker Bill’s offers a range of equipment and customized products to meet your business needs.   

Whether a Food Truck or a Concessions Trailer, music and entertainment, health and amusement, or restaurant industry; we use only the highest quality materials and equipment 

Bonker Bill’s offers the very best in custom manufactured concession trucks, trailers, smokers and music trailers.

Save thousands on custom concession trailers, mobile kitchens, food trucks, DJ Vans and more!

Over 22 Years of Combined Experience  

We exceed expectations.


We pay attention to the customer's every detail; at every phase of construction