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At Bonker Bill’s we specialize in customizing, designing and building to our customer’s needs.

Let our team of professionals design and build your dream and expand your business.

We can even customize, re-design, and convert the interior and exterior of buses, trolleys, train cars and boats.
Also talk to us about our energy saving units, which will save you the headache of constantly having to plug into electrical outlets. 
Please contact us using our CONTACT page or call Bonker Bill’s at 260-399-6773

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We pay attention to detail

Over 22 Years of Combined Experience  
Over 22 years of combined experience



We exceed expectations.

Our company’s mission is to provide honest, reliable service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Bonker Bill’s team of professionally licensed contractors have 22-plus years of combined experience in the building and construction industries.

With licensed in Electrical, HVAC and General Contractors; our company is built on honesty, dependability and integrity.

We are about paying attention to client's needs, cost and detail.